img_7478touching the stones – listening to the tunes – deepening the insight 
hear the call – make the journey – enjoy the revelations
evolving into love and  peace

Some of the sharanam healing stone malas are unique pieces. If the one you find yourself attracted to is already sold, please contact me and together we will find a way to create exactly the one you long for//custom made Malas start at 250.-€. Please send me a picture of you, your number. We will have a deepening conversation about Samskaras (mental impression,  psychological imprints) that brings us to the intention for your Mala. Also  I am always interested in your physical body, your breathing, your sleep and your relationships. If you are in Munich , you are able to visit the Mala Atelier where I live. The Mala Meditation – called – Japa Mala is a ancient tradition to calm the mind and create mindfulness. With the Mantra you embody the quality of the deity.