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Namaste and welcome

I am very happy to see you here.

On this website you´ll find more and more wonder-ful and supporting Malas.

With brilliant tunes, intentions and stones, but maybe your heart longs for a custom-made Mala.

With a supporting special intention for a life changing moment, for a really good & long ride ….

please do not hesitate to contact me.

heike Porträt

How to get a  personal lover, transformer and friend ?

First thing. Please send me a picture, your birthdate, your adress and phone number by email

I will contact you. We can phone or skype about your intentions and what else is there to be mentioned and to be done. We will letting go shadows and focus on light.

We will have a deepening conversation about Samskaras (mental impression,  psychological imprints) that brings us to the intention for your Mala. Also  I am always interested in your physical body, your breathing, your sleep and your relationships.You will be ready to open up in confidence.

If you are in Munich , you are able to visit the Mala Atelier where I live.

The Mala Meditation – called – Japa Mala is a ancient tradition to calm the mind and create mindfulness. With the Mantra you embody the quality of the deity.

I  see your highest potential,  I am listening to the stones and to your soul while making your mala.

I will send you pics, stone names and name of your mala, not knotted at that time.

You will give your feedback, and when you love the mala it is yours and will be knotted with all what love. Also you will have the written main informations concerning the tune.

I will make a suggetions for a mantra.

If there are any questions concerning meditation, yoga, papa we arrange another session, or look on this website

A custom-made mala starts with 280.-Euro 

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spread the tune & love

Your heart and my heart are very old friends ( Hafiz)