Mala & me


SHARANAM is a word in Sanskrit (refined speech from vedic times) and means refuge , also in the intension of internalization.

Meditation with MALA and a Mantra, is called Japa . It is a very good starting point for focusing and concentration with easeness. Sing the mantra  in the beginning with sound, later you can repeat it silently.  In both cases you´ll experience  and internalize the qualtity the mantra embodies,  getting  closer to a steady stream of awareness and insight.

All you seek is inside – pure abundance and oneness, come in, you are expected.

If you will  just wear the malas and necklaces as a good friend you will have the chance of  learning from the stone qualities. If you use them for Japa ( Meditation with Mala and Mantra), you will become a vast container for the qualities of your Mantra, embodying this qualities.

The information that are coming, for your Mala are precious keys. As you walk with your MALA through that door following the longing of your soul, you acknowledge what you always dreamed  is your home. The greatest illusion, that spirit and matter are separate – dissolves more and more.


I am grateful  for making SHARANAM MALA  and finding you to welcome them. This is a great present to me, a great gift. Making the MALA, working with light, leads me to growing awareness and love.Everyday. That is what we share.

Sitting in a powerful circle of receiving  and sending out again.